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I was in your store 9/5 about 11am when I checked out the cashier was on the phone the whole time. I now know she has a child on medicaid and one that is not .I would rather she payed more attention to her customers than her cell phone buddy.I just do not want someone on a phone when they are checking me out if it is not an emergency .I go to these store quite often .it saves me from traveling several miles to a bigger store .

there is a new one as far as the knox ,pa store . guess i will try it and hope the cashier knows it not a place to be on the phone while she is working

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Shame Under Cover Boss did come in


This is yet another example of a Retail employee failing at a job, by choice. Read the posts on this site.

Dollar General, Target, Walmart and many others. The examples are endless, poor customer service and horrible attitudes have become the norm. Retail Employee's at any establishment are paid a fair and equitable wage for there services.

Customer Service is a core job requirement. If any Retail employee chooses not to provide Customer Service via poor actions or attitude they will not deserve a wage.

to Anonymous #1565582

You’re probably one of those people that think if a red carpet isn’t rolled out for you, then it’s bad customer service.

to Anonymous #1572006

Read the original complaint. Expecting the employee to hang up the phone and do the job on the clock is far from a red carpet experience.

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