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I go to DG almost Everyday in Cleveland Alabama. Always to much stock in the way that I can't get to what I'm looking for plus not enough people at register.

When it was first remolded, there was more than enough staff but now only two at a time and one is ALWAYS AT THE FRONT DOOR SMOKING AND BLOWING SMOKE MY WAY. Today I went in for a simple run for cat food. When I walked in there was a lady wanting sale price on a sign that was left up from another date and a young lady lingering around talking to cashier as he tried to work. The cashier left the register TO GO LOOK AT SIGN leaving about 15 people standing in line.

At this time the phone began to ring, and he stopped everything to answer the phone while customers are in line. The phone was for a Christine that is also an employee there. The cashier LEAVES ALL OF US IN LINE AGAIN and walks down every isle to find this Christine to give her the phone. Needless to say " she was No Where in the store".

I began to yell out for her so that maybe he would come back to the register for all of us customers that has now 18 people in line. I like most DG customers go to DG for a fast in and out.

Many people have told me that they would rather drive 20 minutes to the nearest WalMart and buy larger Quanities of what they need than to spend 15 minutes in line at this Cleveland DG store and can actually walk through the door without the wait or smelling like an ashtray. I have been patient and have shopped at this DG since it opened and if I can't get respect from the staff, then as of today, I won't be back

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I like this DG because of the smoke in fact I smoke my cigarettes and cigars inside that store all the time I enjoy it


Per DG policy, only key holders are supposed to answer the phone. This is due to phone scammers that can con cashiers into loading prepaid cards over the phone. I know a lot of stores don't follow this policy but that is the way its supposed to be.

to Anonymous #1429207

Any person that falls for that scam these days doesn't belong in the ranks of the employed.


Hey dumb dumbs any employee an answer the store phone secondly in order to check the sign they do have to leave the register to look and lastly there are only ever 2 people because of the hours the store is allotted every week so get off your high horse


The cashier should not have had the phone to begin with. The store phone is supposed to be with one of the other employees on the sales floor so that the cashier can page for them when they need help.

If more than 3 customers are in the line checking out then the cashier is supposed to page for a back up cashier. This can sometimes get tricky if that other person is on lunch, but they are allowed to clock back in early from lunch to help out. They just still must take their required lunch time. And no employee should be standing at the door smoking.....ever.

Many areas of the country now have laws that say no one can smoke within 20 feet of the entrance to a business. Even if such a law does not exist in the are where this DG is located, its still unprofessional to stand at the entrance and smoke.

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