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I have owned two businesses in my lifetime and the best business practice is to have clean and clutter free isles. I shop other Dollar Generals and there seems to be the same issue in all of them but I am in the one in Eminence MO the most.

Nothing is more frustrating that trying to look at merchandise and find what you want or need and can't get to it because of the rolling carts full of stuff blocking all the isles. I was in there this week and counted 6 mind you 6 carts in the isles to where you can't get through to shop.

I understand one to roll out and a person putting stuff away but all 6 were unattended full of stuff.

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Eminence, Missouri, United States #869244

This goes on all the time. Nothing is ever done about it.

The manager Melissa is very dirty and she dosen't care what it looks like, all she does is run around talking on the phone all day long, and talking about her workers. She does nothing when she there, when ever shes there.

Shes very rude to the customers and her workers.

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