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After leaving my job on Friday, august 29 2008 i traveled about 2 miles to the Dollar General store located at 1791 West Columbia Ave. in Battle Creek.

I got out of my car at 8:56 p.m. and started to walk to the front doors, just then a woman came barrelling out and informed me they were closed!! I quickly retorted that it was 8:57 by my Sprint-Nextel cellphone, which is extremely accurate. She got rude and said their computer/time said 9:00.

I told her they need to go by "real time" and not a time someone concocted so could close earlier than posted time. Naturally I fumed, so I called them back to see if this was their standard operating procedure, the same woman got testy again and refused to offer a name or phone number of a superior or owner/corporate.

This is not the first time I have witnessed the lights turned off before 9:00 p.m.

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I dislike people like you, and wonder how would you ever handle a real life situation!!! Get off your high horse and use your brain.

It is very disrespectful to show up in the parking lot 3 mins before closing. The world does NOT revolve around you. Thats like showing up to a job interveiw late, or showing up to a resturant 10 mins before closing.

people like you ...... god bless you!!!


Stores do not usually have the option to turn off lights -- they can over-ride lights to 50% for stocking etc. It may have been different in 2008.

The lights are computer in any store I know of (unless its a brand new store that they have not yet installed the system). They have closing procedures and are suppose to follow the newtork time so they are not out of store late --if both employees are hourly that would be two employees being late - if one is salaried manager then you still have at least one on the clock leaving late.


I am a dollar general manager. Most of our store internal/external lights run on timers that are set accurately.

Usually employees do not have the option of manually turning them off. So in that aspect you are totally wrong about the time that you showed up at the store because typically the lights lower 5-10 mins after the store is closed. Also i dont know what kind of job you work at but im sure if its customer related, you dont want to help someone 1 or two minutes to close either.

That is simply disrespectful. Your cell phone brand does not matter as far as accuracy either, because they are network controlled (provider like att, or verizon) and bragging about how special it is doesnt impress anyone.


this is just hilarious... this place should be to warn people from mistakes and erros that bussines do and afect on a unfair way costumers, no to complain because the store on the corner dont put a pickle on your burger!... Stores close a couple of minutes early sometimes as sometimes they remain open a little after the closing time posted on the doors, and that is part of the life.

Get your atomic clock (sprint-nextel cellphone) and cry some where else please...


Alot of stores have their clockes set a few minutes fast, I know I work at a Dollar General and we always lock one door at 8:45 and the other at 8:57 and it's because of people who come in 3 minutes before we close and refuse to finish shopping before 9:00


Stores with lazy employees who close stores early are usually a violation of company policy. I've know company switchboard operators who have gotten fired for closing the switchboard 1-2 mintues early.

In this era of ever sliding professionalism, its nice to see a person calling a company on its procedures. Zog its amazing to think you are so self-centered to KNOW what the length of time the person shoppping would have been, and maybe you require three minutes to get your cart because your mornings are free and you have lots of free time, and just need to fill up your empty days.

But just because someone closes up early we don't have to all suffer for their largess, they are paid to be there- and it is effectively theft of services, and sulleys a company's name- which is why companies often fire people who do this. Kudos to the poster.

to itsimportant #1523739

I know people who have got fired for it as well, theft of time, andr manager who condones this behavior is no real leader


You're serious? You are complaining about the store closing THREE minutes early?

Get there earlier next time, that's all. It's just a dollar store.

There's nothing there that you can't live without until morning. It would have taken you more than three minutes to get a cart or basket, find your items, and get to the register.

Plus, they probably already had all the cash registers closed down, emptied, and tallied up.

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