New Dollar General Store Came to Como Tx. Sold a product called Libido Max.

Works great. I cleaned of the shelf sometimes. Then they stop stocking it. Noe I have to buy it on the net.

They really lose. I always bought other things while there. I don't go in there much now. Why they stopped stocking it I don't know, but they are losing a lot of money from me.

Since they stopped selling it made me made, so I just buy at Walmart instead.

There are two other Dollar Gereral stores about 10 miles away In Sulphur Springs Tx. and It looks as though they stopped stocking as well.

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No it wasn't. It is still on the shelf!!

I believe they keep it behind the counters now, don't they? :)

Huntsville, Alabama, United States #715598

This product was recalled!!!

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