Delphi, Indiana
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I was in Delphi,In. store and I have never seen one of your Dollar General stores in the condition of that one.

It was so cluttered it looked like a tornado went through, you could not get a cart down half of the isles because of things on the floor and boxes and ladder steps and other things blocking it. It was horrible, I ran across a lady and she said I can't get down any of these isles, I told a man I think this place needs to cleaned up and he said most definitely. I saw a girl coming out of the back who was rubbing her eyes and look like she just woke up. she just walked past all the mess like it wasn;t there.

I ask her if she worked there and she said yeah. I ask her if they had tennis balls and she said I do not know maybe in the dog isle. Nothing is organized in that store and there is as much merchandise on the floor as there is on the shelves. and what is on the shelves is just thrown up on it all mixed together with no rhyme or reason to it.

If I was the manager there I would be jerking some employees chain and tell them to get it straightened or find another place to work. I shop at a lot of different DG stores and have never seen one in that bad of shape.

Just my opinion but I would be sending someone from the corporate office to that store for a surprise visit.

Reason of review: Cleanliness of the store.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Filthy store.

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