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i love DG but how dirty the stores (floors) are ridiculous. My DG is in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Others in the area are similar. There is dirt and lint built up at the front door. The doors themselves are also filthy. The boxes that are being unloaded block the aisles.

Then I go to Aldi and it's spotless. They polish clean the floors every night. I don't think the Dollar General stores are ever mopped and rarely swept. Again I really like the products at Dollar General but go there less often because they are so dirty.

Corporate office needs to evaluate the cleaning policies of all the stores if they want to last very long. Because I believe they have done a great job with the product offerings.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Polkville, North Carolina, United States #912546

My DG in Polkville NC is the same way. The floors are nasty, the yellow totes they offer to carry your items in are filthy with dirt,mold and other germs.

The isles are always packed with unopened boxes of items that never make it to the empty shelves because customers don't have the time to wait on someone in the store to put them on the shelves. I hardly go into the DG in my area anymore just because of the filth.

If the store is that nasty, the people who work there and own the store must be just as nasty. All that money and they can't afford a mop, a broom and some Lysol.

to Anonymous Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States #941287

You know, those floors have to be mopped every night by one person. Before we close.

It's back breaking. So, some of the stores choose not to. Which is ridiculous. However, I think Dollar General could invest some of that 17 billion they brought in last year in some floor cleaning machines.

As for the store being generally dirty, Dollar General runs their stores with a labor budget comparable to a convenience store.

But I'm sure you've noticed they are a lot bigger and carry a lot more stock than a convenience store. All the while paying minimum wage to it's workers and small salaries to its managers, most of whom are just warm bodies filling a position no right minded person would want anyway.

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