I am pissed that I can't go into our Dollar General Store and purchase a doll for my grandbabies. I went into the Springhill, LA store to start purchasing Christmas toys, and when I got to the dolls for the grand daughters I was shocked that there were no WHITE baby dolls.

When i asked about this I was told that Corporate sends what they want based on the population of Color in the town.

SO I HAVE TO SETTLE FOR BLACK KIDS STUFF because I am WHITE. SO>> I just won't shop at Dollar General any longer.

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You sound as racist (or more?) than the store, poster.


@ Vern. That is false.

Dollar General is a corporate ran company and DOES NOT have any franchise. They don't own any building and lease them all.


Sorry you had to SETTLE for black kids stuff.


I have had the opposite experience. My local DG store only carries white dolls.

in fact, most stores i go to tend to cater to white customers when it comes to baby dolls, dolls for doll houses, etc.

What I decided to do was get my daughter dolls that look like her (black) and dolls in different skin tones. I think it is important for her to see herself reflected in her dolls but to also understand that the world is made up of a variety of colors, races and cultures.


That's Bs. Each store does have an owner, who does have to adhere to corporate policy, but can select what the store sells and does not sell.

Sounds to me like you have a racist store. I recommend not only boycotting that store but sharing what happened on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even your local papers.


That's your perogative. A lot of stores don't get to select the merchandise that they receive. They get what corporate determines they need.

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