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I am a 58 yr old disabled man. I frequently walk to your store at Hiawassee & Old Winter Garden Rd that I have Owned a home next to for 25+ years. I walked to your store on Monday July 14 I left my ID at home and your cashier refused to sell me a 4 pack of beer.

I had just came home from having cancer removed from my nose that had 8 sutures in it.

I walked right next door & will for ever more and bought a 4 pack from my friendly Liquor Store.

How many more enemies do you intend on making with this idiotic policy. I am rarely this rude but I think that carding everyone is just going to far! How can I shop at a store that is disrespecting me both as a mature adult and also as a disabled person...

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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Sir...I respect the fact that you're disabled. No question about that!

I also respect the fact that you are a mature adult! BUT...I work in the State of New York.

In NY it is the LAW that everyone be "carded".

I, for one, will NOT break the law and lose my job so that you aren't offended or because you forgot to bring your identification!



So if im 16 and put on make up and clothing to appear old ( see johnny knoxville,bad grandpa) then I am allowed to buy beer with no ID? I never understood why people get upset about being carded.

It is common practice in the US to have proper ID on your person at all times. By your logic, because I'm young and in shape I should be able to get a military discount because I can pass as a marine. And get pissed when they ask for a military ID.

Carry your ID with you. Its not hard.


Stores are getting really d.u.m.b with the I.D. required policy.

I knew a 76 year who was carded when buying wine. C'mon!

When does common sense prevail? The old policy of anyone who appears under the age of 30 will be carded makes a lot of more sense.

to Anonymous #875215

I worked at DG and was fired for selling cigarettes to a few people who were obviously over the age of 18. I was told that it was okay to do so and as it turns out DG is one of those 0 tolerance companies when it comes to carding.

Had I known that I'd still be working at that nightmare of a business. Hey money is money.

The cashier you dealt with was following the policy so they could keep their job. As unfortunate as it is, that is truly the company's view on selling restricted items and despite your condition, you must have a valid ID on you to purchase certain items from DG.

I can assure you right now that if your complaint is read by anyone in management it will be disregarded immediately because of its nature. Unfortunately it is legal for them to do this-in fact in some states, all businesses that sell restricted items are required to card people-but many do not.

Harvest, Alabama, United States #843576

As soon as went in the cashier sitting on the counters said OH BOY RIGHT WHEN WE'RE ABOUT TO CLOSE!I had bought $33.00 worth of vitamins at Dollar General a few days ago but had duplicated one and went back in to the East Limestone Rd. Harvest, Al.

Dollar General around 9:55 p.m. July 20,2014 and asked only for an exchange to get my 13 yr. old son something to eat and explained we were running out of food and I needed to get him something to eat! The manager said it could only be from that dept.

since I didn't have my receipt.

I surely did not need more vitamins so I will be going back to my favorite Family Dollar! Thank you for the lack of sympathy!!

to Furious #852705

don't really care about that. no sympathy from me. and im sure given the same circumstance family dollar will do the same to you

Bethesda, Maryland, United States #842163

You are obviously not a "mature" adult if you are playing the disability card. Grow up, her carding you has nothing to do with your disability. If you really were a mature adult you would take partial blame for forgetting your ID at home.


Carding you is not disrespect, perhaps she thought you were under the age to purchase based on your childish behavior and attitude. Do you really want her to lose her job because of your ego?

Piney Point Village, Texas, United States #842154

While I agree that the policy of carding everyone is silly, you can't be mad at the cashier. Dollar General is strict about the rules and the cashier probably didn't want to lose their job over you. How exactly did they disrespect your disability by not selling you beer with no id?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #841071

Your disability doesn't make you any more special than anybody else.

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