Polk City,Florida

Yesterday at store #13296 in Polk City, Fl i asked to speak to a manager about an employee,she is always rude and in a bad mood,she always has a scowl on her face and makes the most off the wall comments.I use food stamps and she tells me she will call the police on people who sell food stamps,i'm not sure what her reason for saying this to me.I already feel horrible for having to use them,i don't need her judgmental comments.Well yesterday as i am speaking to the manager "Mike" telling him i don't want her "Cyndi" to be fired but she could possibly use some training in customer service,she jumps in the conversation and tells me "she's off the clock and we can take this outside".I found it crazy this woman wanted to fight me.I wasn't disrespectful in any way,but i will NEVER shop there again.I usually shop there every other day,but i can't take the rudeness of these people anymore.The manager i spoke with informed me he would speak with her but it didn't seem as though he took it seriously as he never even made eye contact with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #726828

Stick to the facts of your complaint and stop trying to paint a picture....ie...always in a bad mood, frequently has a scowl..(that sounds like me)...it adds nothing to your story. And just because the manager did not look you in the eye does not mean he will not address the issue, you did not give him a chance.

to LTCC #731920

Get a life!

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