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On June 28, 2012 at Dollar General Hwy2673 Starzville, TX the cashier stole $23.00. She short changed

us and did not ring-up a tracphone $20.00 minute card. When I explained to managers they counted her drawer, after her lunch break, she was over $11.00 called me a liar. Unreal ..We gave her a 50 dollar bill

She could not remember. She give us a dime, nickle and a penny. My bother did not have his glasses on

and I was gather our bags. Total she charged us was $47.84, the resgister tape receipt showed 27.84 with change back $22.16. I noticed this when I tried to activate my minutes. Not even considerating that

a cashier would intentional steal from me. When the management stood by the thief, cashier, outraged me

I still don't have minutes and not sure I will use trac phone anymore. I know I will not shop at Dollar General.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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It is possible that POS (Register system has a problem) - I have witenessed this personally - with phones and cards -- what will happend is an Autorefund -- because the cards are pre-authorized duirng the sale then finalized when the sale is tendered and completed - however since you said the cashier charged you $20 more than the receipt -- its sounds like the cashier may have been pocketing the differnce -- if the camera system was working -- this should be easy to determine by watching the video surveliance. Also in most states there would be tax on th card and that would mean the tax would be on top of the $20 card.

I can't explain why the manager called you a liar -- I have noted when verifying a till where the customer claimed they were shorted that till came out even and I saw them receiving change (usually from the video I could tell where the bills were taken from to determine if they were likely given the right change)

The mamager should have investigated further - in over 20 years of being a supervisor I have maybe only believe one or two people intentionally lying.

However -- I have told customers I would need to investigate and get back to them (usually within 24 hrs_-- usually by the next day the customer has called me back to say they forgot about stopping and spending the $20 or whatver somewhere's else. To my knowledge there probably was only one or two cases that were un-resolved if all my years

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