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Update by user Mar 28, 2012

This store needs a new manager. This manager is rude likes to insult others and huge on gossip.

Most times late at night she stays on the phone talking the time away. Then likes to jump your *** when you are trying to get things done while she is gossiping on the phone.

I know alot about the dirty little secrets that goes on. Marylynn needs to take over and get Mary out.

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2012

I worked at the Dollar General Store in Mount Vernon, Indiana. I began last yr in August I worked never missed a day and worked over for other employees up until my father became sick. I had to call in to care for my father several times. I had no choice and I know it was hard on the supervisors but my boss absolutely did me wrong. I told my boss (Mary) that if anything came up with my father I had to leave right away she agreed to this. I asked her if I had to quit can I get a statement from my fathers doctor so later I could get my job back she said YES. Not only that she was always rude to me. She jumped my case one night so bad and being vulgar, insulting and very vengeful in such a way that I did not deserved to be talked to in such a way( Should be on camera). She jumped my case because I brought the mop bucket up front then she jumped my case about the store has to be closed at 10:00pm which was not my job its her job and the supervisors. I told her she was rude and disrespectful. I got along with everyone in that store but Mary. I ran the register help stock shelves and straighten up shelves and covered for almost every person who called in sick until Feb 2012 when my dad became ill. I want my job back as was promised. I did call in and quit on short notice but I did tell Mary this may happen and it did. Now I can not get my job back which placed a bad work record on me and she did not help me she wanted me out because I would stand up to her and NOT TAKE HER ABUSE. She is rude to everyone but I was her punching bad her target.

I worked hard and did my job and helped others. The situation I explained to Mary did not carry through.

My issues with my father is over and as promised I want my job back and for Mary to have respect for customers and employees. At least in the future I can work at another Dollar Store in the near future. I may move to Evansville, In. or Corbin, Ky. and want to know that if I apply for a job at any Dollar General Store that I can be hired back? My phone number 812-643-0645

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"What company is going to hire an *** that posts their phone number for the whole internet to see?"

Not to mention what company is going to hire someone who has third grade grammar and spelling skills.


Oh boo hoo, I am a poor worker, my boss does not allow me to get away with it, so she is automatically unable to be a good manager. Never mind the fact that I am a slacker.

I think highly of myself but not only does my boss but my coworker think that I slack off.

This is what this complaint should really say.


Why would you want to work in a place where your supervisor abuses you? Dude, go somewhere else.


What company is going to hire an *** that posts their phone number for the whole internet to see?

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