On 8/25/2014 I walked into the Dollar General store located in Logan, Ohio, to get some goods including "Lassie" dog food, Dawn dish detergent, and a package of DayQuil. At long last they had new card machines, as the old ones functioned only intermittently.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found they now offer cash back on those machines. Now imagine my disappointment that getting cash back would cost me a dollar for the ten dollars I requested?! (I did not press the "Cancel" button in time to abort the fee.) NO other store charges any such fee! Not Walmart, not Kroger, not CVS Pharmacy -- not even Tractor Supply Company.

I am very disappointed and will _not_ ask for cash back at Dollar General ever again. I have to wonder, with the new machines, if Dollar General is charging another fee just for using my debit card?

Reason of review: Cash back fee.

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Go to your bank if you don’t want to pay the fee, it’s not a new thing.


Yeah Dollar General is only out for your money. Who do you think gets that dollar? They aren't concerned for you or saving you money - you're just an open bank account to them.




many atms charge you as well... and "you didn't have enough time to cancel"?

the machine specifically asked you TWICE if you are okay with the amount and the charge... what tf are you even saying?


walmart used to charge cash back fees and rite aid and wallgreens do as well

to Anonymous #1503324

Walgreens does not charge


I saw that once - the last time I went to DG - and I mean that was the LAST time. They can stick their fee where the sun don't shine.

Kingsland, Georgia, United States #1343751

Well I just got cash back only $20 but the cashier gave me $40 who pays for that. Does DG or the cashier. The only reason why I ask is because she was nice and I don't want her paying for a small mistake.

to Anonymous #1414923

You should have told her then. She could lose her job over that.

to Anonymous #1611599

She could.of.gotten.fired.


Where did you see that you were going to be charged $1.00? The same thing happened to me, but it was later when I looked at my receipt and saw the charge


Chalk up one more reason to stay away from that place. smh

Fayetteville, Georgia, United States #1303948

Same thing happened to me and I am fed up with Dollar General ways. I don't

feel they care about thier customers and their employees hate working there

and express it every chance they get.

I just got some chicken broth from there

yesterday and found the protector was broke on it. When I tried to bring it back

I thought I was going to be asked for blood! There is something wrong with this


Wow, I can't even believe the extent of their "terms and conditions". Unreal.


Just got nailed with the cash back fee. I find this another rip off.

There should be a screen that states. Do you agree to a $1.50 cash back fee. Yes or no. Before you can ask for cash amount.

Simple and clear.

My bank was in the same parking lot. Not real clear fees and charges make it a rip off.


I, too, was surprised and somewhat upset, when charged $1.50 for cash back at the Dollar General in Canyonville, OR. My purchase transaction happened so fast, I hit the accepted key before realizing I had just agreed to the cash back fee.

In the meantime I've tried to find if this an illegal transaction. I will keep trying.

Jamestown, Tennessee, United States #1269127

This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life and I think I speak for most DG employees when I say good riddance. Maybe you should learn to read because it tells you on the pin pad that you have to pay a fee.

to Anonymous Fayetteville, Georgia, United States #1303950

Man you people or rude! Do they get ya'll from prison release programs?!

You know

it wouldn't hurt for you guys to show a little appreciation of the customers considering

if we didn't come you wouldn't have a job.

I also agree I think it's wrong to charge

customers for cash back. Other stores don't.

to Vikki #1412762

Lmao. No, Vikki, they would still have their jobs.

Just less entitled *** complaining about a measly dollar convenience fee. Nice try though.


This happened to me as well, just today. A "cash back fee" of $1.50.

Hope they enjoy it.

They would have made a lot more just from my regular trips to the one on s.e. 149th and Anderson Rd in Okc.


I was also shopping at a Dollar General store in Gallatin, Tn.

and was charged a dollar for asking for my money back from my debit card. I WILL NOT SHOP AT ANY DOLLAR GENERAL store again and will ask that my family not shop there to.

I will also talk to my coworker/union brothers about Dollar Generals policies and ask them to stop or limit there shopping at Dollar General.

Money talks or the lack of spending it at Dollar General. They got there $1 But they will not make any more money off me.

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