Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
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You really need to look at your manager at the Dollar General in Carrollton, MO. Six employees have left in the past few months because of the manager.

A manager who, by the way, never puts in 40 hours/week, isn't she on salary? She just promoted a girl who has been there for a couple months over an employee who has been there for over a year (the longest employee there, too). The only employee who has kids and is a single Mom has asked repeatedly to work more days but all this manager gives her is nights. Seems to me like a little discrimination is going on.

This manager is rude, not only to customers but to the employees.

She just told a girl that has only been there a few days that if she doesn't pick it up in the next couple days she will have to let her go. This is a SMALL town and Dollar General is one of few employers, it looks to me like you would want to keep good employees and get rid of the one that causes such a turnover.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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