Time to boycott for me all dollar general stores. The law on carding someone has gone to far whether it be buying cigarettes or liquor.

Why should we as people be required to show who we are and the stores take and swipe are drivers ID? I am tired of feeling like these corporation are acting like big brother police. When they are even carding 65-year-old people also and the law in Kansas is when someone looks under 27 years old. Yes I understand the worker is doing their job but the corporation of dollar general store policy is to card everyone no matter how old they are so they can take our information.

Here is the best part they never card me or any of my family when we use are charge cards. Plus never did nothing to a manager who system one day would not take debit cards but only accept credit and then you have to sign their electronic signature. I refused and said I wanted a paper copy. Pissed him off saying your holding up the store so I said keep your stuff will not be back in this store and said you must have something to hide.

Nope said anyone can *** into your system and get my electronic signature that is why. There are people sitting in your parking lot who is to say they have not hacked into your system as we speak. So I left the items in the store and walked out and have never returned.

Now I will never return any another dollar general again until they change their policy. I will let everyone know why?

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I agree the carding thing is *** if you have a fake credit card odds are you're in pretty deep and have a matching fake id, screw dollar general and their nazi movement. No respect for a corporation that makes millions off one location and still condones slave labor laws...screw all of em and the fat old CEO sitting up relaxing on his huge *** farm in the middle of nowhere. He knows not to come out as many people that is upset with his *** corporation.


I hate to say it. But, please stay out of DG.

In fact, please do not go to ANY stores! We really don't want to listen to your complaints about being carded anymore! Please direct your complaints to the state about carding. And, sometimes the debit card network is down, and the debit card side does not work, and costs us about forty cents, every time you swipe your plastic piece of S H I T card in the slot...

We know this is going to happen, and you will be denied.

But, still we have to listen to you complain, and we really would like to see you D I E, and go to H E LL, and put your self out of our misery, by getting into your car, and driving off a cliff! Oh, we store owners could be so lucky, and see you D I E and never darken our door again!


I work for DG and I can tell you why we have to do this. If I don't card you because you are obviously over age, but I card someone else that looks under age, I get called out for discrimination.

I'm then would probably get fired. I'm just trying to keep my job; not trying to make your life hard.


It's pretty simple. On a previous job I was a District Mgr for a big oil company that sold beer in their stores.

We would go all over the place from carding anyone looking 30 yrs old and younger to card everyone. The problem was every other month we would be busted for selling to someone underage. And in every single case it was a young cashier "guessing" if they should card someone. And then they would get busted, fined, fired and the company would be fined $5000 and have to stop selling beer for a week or two.

Not even worth the hassle of selling beer and now with cigarettes. Would you want employees "guessing".

I even have my employees card me when buying cigarettes to set a good example.


Oh please. Get over yourself and quit being so paranoid.


I make it a policy - if I need to show my drivers license to buy something ( absurd - I am over 60) i do not pay with a credit card. That is just ASKING to have your identity stolen.

It's bad enough when people who work at these places steal your credit card.

But when you give them your drivers license you give them your full name, address and date of birth. Might as well just hand them your social security card as well.


You shop at Dollar General.

Obviously your life did not turn out as you had hoped.

TooFuckingBad, YouFucktard.

Natchitoches, Louisiana, United States #790518

You are an *** sir. Carding people is company policy and the *** law.

Quit complaining and go somewhere else if you do not like being carded. Also, sometimes the registers do not act properly because they are so *** old.

Sometimes the store cannot help it and neither can the employees. Geesh.

to TheCustomerIsNOTAlwaysRight Rochester, New York, United States #809668

It may be company policy, but it is not the law. Stores and restaurants are not required to card anyone.

They are required to not sell booze and cigarettes to underage customers.

They card to avoid breaking the law by selling to minors. That is a very different thing When they have a "card everyone" policy it is for their own convenience, not because there is a law requiring them to card anyone.


Well with the abundance of meth users it's hard to tell someone's age. Some 20 year olds look 65. It's not as easy as it use to be to judge someone's age by their looks.


You need to have your grammar carded. Did it ever occur to you that the reason they card everybody when buying cigarettes and liquor is to prevent being accused of age discrimination?

IF as you say they are doing it to get your information, what do you think they are doing with it?

In order to *** into a store's or anybody's information, people don't have to be sitting in the parking lot to do it. You sound like you are really paranoid.

to anonymous Rochester, New York, United States #809669

Case law is settled on this point. It is not age discrimination to card people who look young and not those who look old.

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