The frozen foods freezer shelves have not been restocked in 10 days. Every time I go in they tell me the vendors will be there tomorrow.

This is a brand new store in Salt Springs Florida. The reason the vendors are not showing up is we are in a very isolated rural area. Management needs to figure out some way of dealing with the issue instead of just blaming the vendors if they want customers to continue to do business there. There is no reason to go there if the shelves are empty.

We were very happy when this store opened. Now, not so much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Groveton, New Hampshire, United States #705219

As a DG employee who is moving up to management... IT IS THE VENDORS JOB TO SHOW UP AND BRING THE SUPPLIES!!!!!

Not everything is delivered by the truck each week. Coke, lays, sun chips, pepsi, and dairy are all brought in by the vendors.

Of te vendors aren't showing up perhaps you should call the vendors and complain as management cannot make the vendors show up! :upset

to Mavi #726813

perhaps management should know how to order enough products.i worked for the company for years and the frozen food never came from vendors!nice try with passing the blame. :roll

to Nicole San Andreas, California, United States #753491

Honey, I've worked for DG for years now and the VENDORS do bring in the food for the frozen section and the refrigerated items also. And you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

You must not be a key-holder cause if you were, you would not have made the comment you made. The issue with the frozen foods is like this....It is the key-holders' responsibility to call (every day if need be) to keep the coolers stocked.

Then if it keeps being a problem, the DM needs to be brought in to see how they can resolve this problem. :)

to Mavi #726817

coke,lays,pepsi,sun chips,nothing you named is frozen food.


Well if the truckers/vendors jobs are so hard, maybe they need to find another career.

They are contracted to do this job by the companies they work for.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #682350

So what do you think management is supposed to do to get the vendors to service them better? It isn't even the actual fault of the vendors, it is more the fault of the truckers.

The vendors/truckers are responsible to serve more stores than just that one. Maybe you should try having the job of a trucker driver.

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