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Bushnell, IL Dollar General is AWFUL! It is UNORGANIZED, FILTHY, and RUDE.

This Dollar General is a disaster as soon as you enter the Store. There are CLUTTER all over, the shelves are EMPTY, there are STOCK CARTS all over in the way. If you have ever been to Bushnell, IL DG you know that it is a tiny building already and then to have the Staff leaving the stock carts out all the time all over the building makes it even smaller. The floor looks as if it hasn't been SWEPT or MOPPED in MONTHS!!!

It is brown and nasty, where as it used to be white and shiny. This current manager keeps saying that he is going to make it better and easier to shop in but it is NOT and will NOT. It is definitely NOT wheelchair accessible. There in NOT enough room to maneuver down the aisles walking let alone in a wheelchair.

I work at an Elderly Independent facility right next door and my Tenants would love to go over and shop but they can't because it is such a fall risk and safety hazard! The staff can be rude at times especially Izzy and she is ramy, rude, and has a poor attitude. It would be nice to go in and shop without tracking staff down to ring up your purchases too. It is sad to have to hunt down the workers just to pay and leave.

I am surprised that there are not any thefts from there. When you first walk inside to the right is a HUGE CLUTTERED MESS. You can not even go down that aisle because there is a folding table set up with boxes all over it with "sale items". The sad thing is though you can't even look at the items because it is all stacked up and not just on the table but all around the table on the floor.

You can't even get a shopping cart down the aisles. This is AWFUL!!!

Review about: Dollar General Corporation Store Facility.

Reason of review: POOR FACILITY.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is a widespread issue with simple solutions. Give stores more hours and bigger receiving rooms.

But DG doesn't give a crap and they give stores absolute bare minimum payroll which always results into trashed stores which both the customers and corporate officials blame the store employees for...

which results in the usual depressed/shitty attitude of store employees, because who wants to be yelled at every day multiple times a day for something that isn't their fault? no one.


Is this on "stock" day, or every day? It's a low value store, so I get that the place is dirty, but to block isles like that, usually is only on those special delivery days.

Maybe take the folks on those non-stock days, if you can, or maybe call the health department and report them. Not sure who else you could call, but unfortunately, this looks like most of the Dollar Generals I have been in.

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