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The manager of the Bonne Terre, MO. store, Gina, upon her DM's (Gloria) orders, refused to do an exchange for me because I didn't have a receipt, instead, instituting their own self-made policies.

These new policies of theirs are in fact, in direct contradiction to the companies policies, policies that are posted in every Dollar General store.

If they keep employing people such as these, they won't have to worry about opening new stores, just closing the ones they already have. I was also told by this same manager that "customers" are NOT allowed to have the "customer" complaint #.(??) She said this was also a direct order by her District Manager.Then why is it called the customer service hotline?

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I beleive the manager is accurate is her statements of her DM (Gloria)directives -- I worked in different districts - and that sounds very similar to the last district I worked in. The DM I worked for has been know to lie to SM's. The other comment from SHannon is also true in most of what she said


Shannon you my dear should reread the policy..It along with the customer service number may be found on DG website...While your there read how we as managers and employees should treat our customers. Refunds with receipt..

Gift card or exchange of equal value without receipt...

Does not have a specific dollar amount.. Word to the wise TAKE CARE OF THOSE CUSTOMERS...THEY MAKE YOUR CHECK...


Not exactly true in indiana they can do returns without a receipt but it muust be exchanged or go on a giftcard


It is Dollar General's policy that absolutely no returns or exchanges are allowed without a receipt, and for any over $5 we also must have a driver's license or another form of ID with a full address. I may not agree with it but I take offense at constantly being told I'm making it up. Some return policy signage may say that without a receipt, all money given back will be on a gift card, but this signage is outdated and should be removed from the customer's sight immediately. If a Dollar General manager does a return without a receipt, they either get written warnings or write-ups.

However, when asked I am MORE THAN HAPPY to give out the customer complaint department #. I urge and encourage customers to call this number frequently, because THAT is how you change policies, not berating and abusing minimum wage employees who think the policies are just as *** as you do. More often than not, the employees side with the customers on the inside but cannot do anything about it lest they lose their jobs needlessly.

I should add that no signage has been made to reflect this policy and I suspect this is to stop the complaints at the choke point; inside the store with the employees. Obviously, the reasoning for this is that the stores have such astronomical turnover that the employee who gets screamed at about it will leave and then nothing has to be dealt with. The higher-ups don't have to lift a finger or lend an ear.

to Shannon #1031352

That is not the policy. Without a receipt they get a exchange for a full dollar amount of items or a in-store credit on a dg gift card .

Food items without a receipt may only be exchanged for the same item electronics as well.

Learn the policy before you loose customers. And I'd Is only requied when the register asks and that's on high dollar amounts .

to Anonymous Lexington, South Carolina, United States #1205901

where can I find the policy on exchanges?

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