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Customers at checkout, nobody there. Had to finally call out.

Then, we purchased, milk, OJ and Dayquil. Wouldn't put OJ or milk in bag. Said bag would break. Gee, why not use double bags?

Then, clerk asked for my BD. Didn't say why - and I said no. Then, mgr came out and said when selling OTC cold medication, they had to type in date of birth. I informed her (Kayla) that I have NEVER had to give my BD upon purchasing any of those products.

She was not nice when she said that the law. What?

When leaving the store, I heard her say to the clerk (Never mind about her, it doesn't matter) Well, the first time I came to the store to purchase eggs, none were available then this rude encounter. I will travel 7 miles to Calais, ME rather then 3 miles to the Baileyville, ME store.

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On one hand, they act all suspicious of people with backpacks on shopping in their stores. But at the same time, the frequently leave the registers unattended with no employee in sight.

That may explain all of the missing items that turn up with they do inventory.

Probably some people, not planning on stealing, went into the Dollar General to purchase items, and then upon finding no one at the register or any employee in sight, simply decided to leave the store without paying because they were in a hurry and didn't have time to go on an expedition looking for the lost employees. Also, if a shoplifter would happen upon such scenario by chance, where there are no employees in sight, they could use that to their advantage to stuff their pockets with stuff and then leave the store.


I bet they are thrilled you “will never shop there again.”

to Anonymous #1580507

They Are!

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