You would think that working in retail would make a person understandable to those who also serve behind the counter. Nope. Apparently miss Kelley Myers of MO believes she is better than everyone else.

I witnessed her berating hotel front desk workers this morning. From the moment she stepped into the lobby to check out till she actually left, she was nothing but rude and hostile to the employees. She didn't even give the poor girl behind the counter a moment to say hello before she started in with her *** poor and demanding attitude.

I feel awful for her children who had to witness her attitude and hope that they do not follow in her foot steps. From the sounds of it, this woman give the hotel staff problems from the moment she booked her reservation!

I hope none of you have to encounter her!

And honestly, what kind of standard is she setting for her company?! It makes me hesitant to ever shop at a Dollar General again if they have employees like this running around the stores.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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