my children walk down to the dollar store very often. we live less than two blocks from there.

i give them a set amount of money and they know what they can and can't get. the asst manager Susan targets them CONSTANTLY.. accusing them of stealing ect, eventho when i asked her if my children have ever been a problem she immediately told me no, i asked the other asst manager.. she also said no.

so i don't appreciate her targeting and accusing mine just because she's had problems with others. she accused my four year old of stealing something and when his sister proved he didn't she said they didn't need to be browsing, if they want something they need to just get it and get out. this isn't just hearsay from my kids. they walked in in front of me and she stated following them telling them that SHE KNOWS THEY'RE NOT PLANNING ON STEALING..

i walked up bc she didn't realize i was in there and asked if there was a problem and she was very nice, saying no she didn't meant it like that ect..

i'm tired of it. yes, i know some kids steal but she needs to watch her mouth and not accuse the kids that haven't done anything

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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