Scott City, Missouri

The store assistant manager is very rude. She is in mature and is not qualified in her position.

Dollar General must be more concerned with driving profit vs. customer service. I can't believe the board of directors of this corporation will allow their upper management is allowed this to happen. The store is in a great location and could be a great asset for the Dollar General stock holders.

I seriously believe that they would not allow this to happen if they knew. The store has been going down hill since it open. You better check out this store before it is too late!

The profanity is terrible in this store.

I have heard people complain. I am a pastor of a local church that will not shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Orange, California, United States #910527

For a pastor of a church you sure judge others. Don't most religions teach you not to judge others?


You suck at spelling and grammar.

in mature = immature

vs. = instead of

...down hill since it open = ...downhill since it opened

If you are going to complain, try not torturing us with mediocre whining that could easily have come from a second-grader.

Or better yet, take your complaint to their corporate level!

I go to a private Christian college. My missions major and ministry major friends are all well versed in the correct use of language.


as a former DG Store Manager -- you are accurate to say they are more interested in profit than customer service -- as long as the customer who leave do cost them much -- they do not pay the Assistants Managers well - so someone who is good finds a better paying job elsewhere --- those who stay are often mistreated by DM and leave or get fired -- the ones who remain are usually not great


it's a dollar expect people to be propper there? Really?

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