Tellico Plains, Tennessee
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I got where I hate to even go into the Dollar General to buy anything. For the last several months about a third or half of the aisles in the store will be blocked up with some kind of 4 wheeled freight containers.

They are about 4 to 5 feet high and wide enough that you have to turn sideways to get by them and then hope that the merchandise you are looking for is not behind one of them. You cannot roll it out of the way because there will be 3 or 4 of these carts end to end in one aisle. You always see several employees in the store and the employees always seem to be busy away from the register because there is always a line at the checkout because only on register will be open.

Between the freight containers and the line at the register I have about quit shopping at our Dollar General and shop at the one in the next town. We are a small town with not much choice.

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Waycross, Georgia, United States #607957
Well DG isnt like Walmart who has 20 or more checkouts (still got to stand in line there even at the self checkout) nor does the DG stores have alot of sales associates employed at one store. Usually its 2 to 3 people (if that many) in a store at one time working per shift.

DG has a VERY heavy workload day to day, so give them a break.

The cashier on the register needs to page the manager on duty for assistance to get the line down. :roll

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