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I am well pass the stated age 30 for the purchase tobacco. My recent experience here in the state of Texas Dollar General employees have stated that their corporate has the authority to override state laws on ID of a customer.

Their policy seems to allow them to ID everyone. I am in my mid sixties and appear well over the state law on 30 required to purchase tobacco as seen in the state of Texas law outlining the age requirement. (See Attachment).

As with the other customer that posted here on the page, I will take my business elsewhere. Being a veteran of two foreign wars, it is amazing how much of the freedom I fought for does not apply to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Close to my house.

I didn't like: Misuse of state law, Manger was very rude.

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You fought for the companies freedom to make such a rule for their business not just your own personal freedoms. The Veterans that I admire did it for "love of country" not "love of self".


It’s store policy that we check everyone’s id no matter the age, are you gonna pay my bills and the fine I t curve if I don’t check your id , no I didn’t think so be an actual adult and harass the employees that are just following store policy.

to Anonymous #1390490

Up your *** with your stinking policy. It's wrong period.

And you're ignorant for continuing to work for a foolish *** company and even having the nerve to address someone you will probably never encounter in your sorry life - someone who stands up for the freedoms you take for granted.

To all DG customers pissed at this stupid policy - seriously take your business elsewhere and tell DG to *** themselves.

To the OP - thank you for your service!

to 23502 #1391027

First off I have a job that I like I enjoy interactin with people and no I didn’t serve but my dad did in Vietnam my brother in the gulf war so I understand however your ignorant self righteous *** needs to quit being a idiot and no I do not take our freedoms for granted and with your attitude you sir are an absolute disgrace to the uniform

to Anonymous #1392176

He or she never said they served or were current military. But he or she was right about you - you are ignorant.

to 23502 #1393028

You are an idiot, why would you want some innocent store clerk to loose their job just because you are too lazy to bring your id, don’t like the policies that they have to abide by then just don’t shop their otherwise quit being an ***.


I'm 61 and if somebody thought I might not be 30 I'd kiss 'em.

My friend, thank you for your service to our country.

I truly hope you live a long and happy life but tobacco won't help that.

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