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Yesterday (12-21-12) I made a purchase at Store # 10664. My wife was three people behind me as I was purchasing some last minute Christmas gifts for her that I didn't want her to see. After I completed my purchase, I took my bag off the carousel, went back to my wife and took my son to our van where we waited on her.

It wasn't until I got home and went through my bag that I realized I was missing four items. I tried calling the store, but it would only ring twice before going to an automated message saying they were busy with other customers. I tried calling again every 15 minutes for about 2 hours, then every hour until I gave up. This morning I tried again and still had the same result.

So, I spent extra gas going 15 miles back to the store to see if the bag was there or to see about replacing the items I didn't get. While there, I also purchased some more items while waiting on the manager to review security tape to make sure I didn't make it out the door with a bag of $8.25 worth of stuff. (I almost spent that much again today just in gas and the few things I bought there today.)

Now I understand security and loss prevention and the many idiotic schemes people try to rip people off. I worked retail for over 5 years and have first-hand experience of this. But common sense is something that should have applied here: why would I claim not to have received 4 items out of a 10 item purchase, drive back the next day, buy more things if I were trying to scam a store out of a measly $8.25 (+ tax). I just wanted the items I originally bought.

Anyway I had to wait at the store while the manager investigated the security video for the timestamp on the receipt and I don't know if she even found me on there, let alone was able to verify whether or not I took one or two bags. My guess is the second bag had been spun around the carousel while the cashier was bagging, and I didn't see it as I had to go back and get my son.

At the end the manager came back with my receipt and was very undescriptive in what she was and was not able to do without me having to prompt her for more information, only to find out she could do nothing.

I will never shop in this particular store again. I will caution others about doing the same, and if they do, that they should keep a close watch on what they buy and that they get every bag off the carousel. I will caution them to write off the purchase if they do happen to leave a bag and make it home, because they won't be able to call the store to let them know what happened so they can locate the bag shortly after the mistake.

By the way, the items I did not receive: 1 cherry Chapstick, 1 Blistex, 1 yellow nail polish , and 1 Spiral Art Set (stocking stuffers for my wife, 2-year-old, and goddaughter). I paid with my Visa Debit card, but would prefer the items; either way, I expect some kind of retribution. It's not a matter of the money--it's the principle of being treated like a petty thief and not being able to fix this problem sooner by phone (I don't like in-person confrontations; with some common sense and a phone that actually gets answered, this entire spiel, my gas money, my time away from home on my day off would have been unnecessary.)

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I was contacted by the store's manager expressing her heartfelt apologies and offering retribution. She explained her newness to the job and asked me to come into the store. This is a very satisfactory response to my dissatisfaction, and I will return to this store again.

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