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Update by user Oct 03, 2014

My apologies for another update. I just want to make sure that I explain this well.

I am grateful for how quickly the district manager got back to me!! I would delete my review if I could because it really does sound like the district manager is going to handle this situation.

I am so very impressed at how quickly I was contacted by him. He took the time to listen to what happened and again, I do think he will follow through on investigating what happened.

Update by user Oct 03, 2014

District manager has already contacted me. He really sounded like he was going to help with this matter.

Original review posted by user Oct 03, 2014

Re: Dollar General ~ Store Number 04249 ~ Date 10-3-2014

I have never written a review, however I have never been treated the way I was treated this morning at any store in my life. I went into the Dollar General at 8001 Moores Chapel Rd in Charlotte, NC 28214 this morning.

My blood pressure is boiling over the abusive way I was treated! I walked into the store to purchase something. I was waiting for service while a male worker and a female worker chatted about how the manager had walked out due to getting her hours shortened. They carried on and on ignoring me but the conversation was so interesting I almost didn't mind listening.

The female worker said that Dollar General was trying to force out her manager by cutting her hours. The male worker said it wasn't right how Dollar General gave him and another make worker more hours than the manger. They went on to talk about how dumb it was for the manger to walk out because now she can't get any benefits. Anyhow, this went on and on and finally the male worker looked up at me and said, "oh sorry I didn't see you, she will take you on the other register".

So I walked over to the other register. As the female worker begin to help me, her and the male worker kept on about the manager walking out. I told her what I wanted and she went to grab it behind the counter... she came back to ring it up and told me my price.

I realized she had rang up the wrong item. Obviously she was to busy thinking on what went on with the manger walking out to pay attention to what I had asked for. Then she went back to get the correct item and she rang it up. I paid and went to leave.

I noticed that I was charged the wrong price so I went to get back in line to get a refund for the difference. I waited for her to finish with the 2 customers and then I told her that I was overcharged. She said no you were. I said the sticker price shows the lower price.

She says, I can't do nothing about that. She says, you can give me the item back and I can refund you completely but I can't change the price. I said ok, I also said can you write your name and your supervisors name on my receipt so that I contact someone who can help me. She says, I'm not writing down my name.

So again I said, I would like to have your name and your supervisors name. She says, well to bad. I am pretty much standing there in shock. I then said, I will write your name down and I reached for one of the pens that was laying on the counter.

She jumped as fast as lightening and jerked up both pens with her hand. She was very angry and she yelled you are not getting my name. I tell her... do you realize all of this has been caught on camera?

She says, I don't care. By this time there are 3 customers behind me so I step away realizing she will not be helping me. I ask the male worker if he could please give me her name and her managers name. He says, sorry I can't do that.

While I am trying to talk to the male worker she is yelling over don't give her my name. All the while those customers are just standing there waiting for her to ring them up. I then ask the male worker would he please give me his name and his managers name. He says they have no manager over her at this time but he gave me his name.

His name is Dann... but I do not have her name. I also have no manager to contact regarding what happened. I am extremely upset and if I would have had anyone to complain to I would not be writing this.

I hope that I am able to get in the touch with a manager so that the vie manager can view the video. There is no way she should be allowed to get away with this. I will eventually get in touch with someone... and I hope they will view the video tape.

I can not believe how I was treated... I am still in shock how she grabbed those pens and jerked them in the manner that she did. I have already called the corporate office and was told that the district manager would get the info of my complaint...

it sounded like I was talking to someone in an out of country call center. I want to speak with someone over that store and I want it to be soon before what happened is deleted from the video.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Seems like you were making a big deal about nothing..and should not have been making a big deal about getting names and this and that anyway...i mean, what are we talking about you "over paid" a few cents?? i mean its dollar general and its crazy how some people just want to fight and *** and moan about every little thing in this day and age..smh

to Anonymous #958509

You sound like the c*nt she was complaining about. DG employees treat customers like sh*t as well as fellow employees.

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