I have to use two batteries for one picture, four more to download to p.c. and it just goes on and on.

It took ten batteries to get one picture onto my p.c. I'm a senior on a very low income. That's why I shop at DG in the first place. There's no budget to replace the batteries and it's snowing here, so I can't get out.

I'd like to have the batteries replaced or be reimbursed, please.

I shop weekly at the local outlet and have never had this problem before. I buy all my household paper, cleaning products and items for my little dog.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #646344

Never EVER buy batteries at any dollar-type store. I purchased a slew of batteries (Family Dollar) for my camera and, after taking one or two pictures, a message on my camera would flash "Replace Batteries".

After replacing them, I would take one or two more shots, and the same error message would appear.

So, I have learned a very valuable lesson. All the batteries I purchased have to be thrown out (safely) :( .

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #615338

If you are buyi regualer batteries they will not last. You need alkailine or litium batteries. Probably be cheaper to buy a charger with litium battreies that will last 3-4 years.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #615310

I am also a senior on a very low, fixed income. I don't waste my time shopping at any dollar store.

Someplace on a package of batteries there should be an expiration date. I just looked at three packages of batteries that I have on hand one had a date on the back that had 05/12/11, another one had 12/04/12 and the other one had 12/10/12 on the backs, then on the front of the package it said good for 5 years on two of them and good for 10 years on the other one. Several years ago I stocked up on batteries at a dollar store, not realizing that batteries are only good for so long, even when they are in a drawer or on a shelf. All of a sudden I was cleaning the drawer I keep batteries in, out and noticed that every package had dates on them from several years back and I had only bought them a few months before.

As far as paper goods goes, I am fussy about the texture of that, and cleaning supplies, I want to know that the container is completely full. I have also had the experience when i have bought liquid items in dollar stores that the lids have a tendency to get a little bit lose on the way home and I would usually end up with some leakage in the bags. The liquid products in the dollar stores don't seem to be sealed as well as in other stores.

I also feel it is just cheap to buy everything in one grocery store, rather than buy groceries in one stores and then go to another store to buy other items. I will add that I live off a total of $600.00 a month.

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