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I sent an e-mail to corporate office explaining what took place at one of their locations in the Dallas area in hopes of finding out if what took place last week is an isolated event or if this is the overall practice of Dollar General. Five days later and no response.

Okay, fine, no problem. I'll just assume that it's an overall practice since they wouldn't take the time to explain what did, our possibly could have, happened. Be leery of that little note at the bottom of your receipt that says you'll receive $5 off any purchase of $25 or more, because that's not true. Shall I dare say it's false advertising?

When I asked the cashier why I didn't see an actual $5 deduction from my overall purchase of $27, she took a few seconds to gather her thoughts and proceeded to explain to me that the little "store deduction" lines above each item was a way for the register to automatically ring up all items so the total ends up being $5 off. That sounded logical, I suppose, except there were two flaws in that explanation: how could the register know I was going to spend more than $25 since each item scanned is immediately printed on the receipt; and secondly, and more importantly, I'm a shopper who pays close attention to details, including the price. Especially the price!! Take toilet paper as an example ...

the store deduction line on the receipt showed -21, the end result being $1, so when you look at it, you'll automatically think, "Oh, good, I had 21 cents taken off my toilet paper, only leaving me to pay a buck for it." What they fail to realize is that the sign on the shelf has already stated toilet paper costs $1, irregardless of whether or not you want to take advantage of that $5 off $25 or more purchase promo. Sly, huh?

Well, they didn't pull the wool over my eyes. It's not wise to fool consumers, so word will spread, and in the meantime, I vow to never step foot into that place again (at that specific location OR ANY OTHER Dollar General in the US)!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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The $5 coupon is not a scam. I work for Dollar General, and it does take a certain amount off of each item you buy which totals $5.

If you don't believe it, just go home and add it up on a calculator... Your receipt does not automatically print as items are scanned... The receipt prints at the end.. And the register wont take the discount off until the coupon is scanned or the offer code is entered...

We have so many customers complain they don't get their $5 discount, but they do.. It's not our fault if they can't add...


The Dollar General 5 dollar coupon is not a scam!! It does take 5 dollars off but however it still charges tax for those dollars you spent it's only 5 dollars of the subtotal. I wouldn't consider it a scam when they are giving you the chance to save.


Yes, I took the receipt up there on the date it said to in order to receive the $5 off. I've shopped there enough months to practically memorize the prices, and since a majority of the times I purchase the same items, I'm familiar with their shelf rates.

Even when I took her word for it and calculated up all of the deductions when I got home, it didn't even come to five bucks! I didn't even bother calling up there, because I have vowed to never step foot into that place again, so why bother? Nor will I ever go to any other DG just in case this is all a scam.

Why spend $25+ thinking I'm getting $5 off??? All I can chalk it up to is either a lazy employee who didn't want to go through the process of taking $5 of the bottom line sale or it's Dollar General's sneaky way of sucking more pennies out of her pockets under the ploy of false advertising.


Did your receipt say "save $5 off $25" ON YOUR NEXT VISIT OR ON A CERTAIN DAY"? And did you take the receipt with the COUPON on it with you for them to SCAN after all your items was rung up?

Here, our coupons are for a certain day of the week, usually Saturdays, and its a coupon that needs scanned once your purchases have been rung up.

Before you go getting your panties in a bunch make sure you're reading your receipt right. I've never seen the "-21" deductions on my receipt but i did use the COUPON and received the $5 off!!


The cashier may not have used the correct terms, but she is correct in saying that they take a little off of every item to add up to total $5.00. If you look at the bottom of your receipt it should say savings $5.00.

The receipt does not print as the cashier scans but prints after they do your tender. You may be correct in the toilet paper, but that may be because there was a price change in the toilet paper and the store employees failed to change the shelf price.


Dollar General is a junk store. It sucks I don't know why anyone shops there at all. Everything I have bought there from can openers to notebooks has fallen apart.

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