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This is an irritating incentive to me. I go to Dollar General maybe once a month, walk in, buy everything I need and walk out.

THEN I look at the receipt and realize I could have $5 off. I swear, one of these days when I have time and think of it, I'm going to walk in, buy a $1.00 card and walk out with a $5 off receipt. Only problem is I will have to remember to wait 6 days until the ONLY day the $5 off is worth anything, then go in for the rest of my items. I swear I'm going to do it some day though.

I'm sure they don't expect anybody to ever do it. Or maybe some people go to Dollar General every 6 days. I'm not sure.

I sure don't!

My suggestion would be just offer $5 off a $25 purchase with an expiration date in 3 months or, even better, no expiration date at all. This "deal" is ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Deal.

Preferred solution: Change your $5 off $25 purchase offer terms..

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Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #1186942

Most stores keep a stash of those coupons at the register and give them to the customer on Saturdays. Or you can go to the DG website and get one of those coupons

Houston, Texas, United States #1186794

Aren't you a ray of sunshine. I hate customers like you who think they are better than everyone else. I hope u choke on your receipt.

to Anonymous Clinton Township, Michigan, United States #1188616

lol Its not that serious. Orrr, they can come in on Saturday and shop like the coupon says. If they did it everyday they would lose money and DG LOVES their money.

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