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I went in store #6508, I started to turn around and leave. I went in there was s line with 12 people in I made ,13. You have two other employees walking and looking during nothing instead of checking the customers out . Later one decides to get on the other register and check peoples out. I couldn't believe this I was very disappointed.

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Dollar General 15203 in Sutton Ne is the worst their district manager is rude and unpleasant to employees and cusses at them and the manager pawns her work that she dont want to do off on other employees and when it dont get done she ripps into them

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There is constantly things out of stock. Not just stuff for me but just stuff in general. There is constantly empty shelves. Never can find some one out on the floor working. Always has one register open. The past couple of months I have had to wait in line for more than 10 minutes each time I go. I go at least once a day at several different times of the day. I have asked the clerk and she tells me that they all take a break at one time and... Read more

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Y'all need drug test your employees and manger at the Hamlin Texas store !!!

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My family and I frequent your location on Broadway in Schenectady quite often. Upon several visits, one of your associates have been rude and belligerent. She is rude to others around us as well. The tag she wore read: Charde. We like shopping at this location but have concidered traveling to another store simply to avoid the negative environment the associate seems to keep hold of. I, myself, work in a neighboring bank and cannot fathom why her... Read more

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The Dollar General store in Halls, TN could be the biggest money maker around as this is a small rural town with no Walmart. However, this store is junky, opens one register even with 8 or more people in line! Often opens late and closes early. The turnover with employees is such that no one ever knows where anything is and even the manager, just rude and doesn't try to help. You drive up to employees outside smoking in front of the store! ... Read more

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Dollar General Corporation - Store conditions deteriorating
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What has happened to our LaBelle, Fl 'Dollar General Marketplace' store?! It opened to a great deal of fanfare two+ years ago, and proved to be a clean, well stocked, well staffed place to shop, providing great customer service. It remained so until recently when it became increasingly apparent it is under new management. The Marketplace is becoming what kept many of us from frequenting the original LaBelle Dollar General store. The isles are... Read more

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The Dollar General in Owensville, Mo parking lot is horrible. The holes are so big it is going to tear up cars. This has went on way tooooo long. It has been a problem almost since you opened the new store. The same places keep coming back. There has to be a better way to fix this problem permently. One other store in town had a problem in one area of their parking lot and fixed it with concrete. I have hear many complaints about it. You want... Read more

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I was told by a corp. worker to meet Laila & Gary at doller general on mc Kenzie street across from dodges store highway 59, foley al 36535. Both refused my refund after I secondly arrived there never was an apology for delay just a against rights policy rule decrimination. I've wasted time & gas also 200$ cash suppose to be refunded today at noon but change til 30min ago non sense I showed both I tune cards that were purchased & receipt. They... Read more

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Today September 22, 2016 I went up to Dollar General 57th and Troost in Kansas City, MO 64110 I literally spent hundreds of dollars a month at the store because it's the closest to my house and I get along great with the store manager and the other managers and the other employees it's just this one racist lady .the manager that was there tonight is very racist every time I come in there she looks at me like I'm disgusting to her and I made an... Read more

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