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Dollar General Corporation
Main address: 100 Mission Ridge 37072 Goodlettsville TN
(615) 855-4000, ,
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  • Sep 20
  • Ex Employees
  • Employee Dismissal
  • 27

I've worked for Dollar General twice in my life. The first store I worked at was a nightmare, like most of their stores are. The manager was incompetent and extremely rude, and the store itself was dirty and cluttered all the time. I had one *** of a time getting hours and maintaining a schedule consistent with the 'productivity' charts they wanted filled out,because of at any given moment about... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Junction, Texas
  • Shelves Stock
  • 11

It seems to me that your store in Marlow, Ok just needs to shut down. It would save residents alot of time. The store shelves are rarely stocked. I can see why your stocks are falling, this store is bringing you down. I hate Wal-mart, and I will have to drive 10 miles past dollar General to Another town to get to wal-mart. I will start Doing Just that. My family already does that. Sorry dudes.... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Products
  • Walbridge, Ohio
  • Garden Hoses
  • 16

I picked up a garden hose from summer clearance shelves, and the hose was not 50% off! although they were in a bin marked 50% off, and 50% taken at register. The clerk told me he had to go to the office to get a scanner to check the price, while I was trying to check out! I made him scan it. it came up regular priced. Can we please get our *** together Dollar General? I think I should get a free... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Flowers / Florist
  • Coupons
  • 17

First I should start with where the location is that the trouble started. It started at store#12898. I had been shopping in there for about 3 years. Everything was fine no problems, all the coupons I was using were being paid. The manager was Candice and Mr. Jeffry was the district manager. A few times we had to call him to approve or disapprove of a coupon issue. Well, Candice quit an went on... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Id Requet
  • 20

I just stood in line at store number #14186 in Kinston N.C. for almost 15 minutes for just a bottle of water and a pack of cigarettes. Getting the cigarettes was a very annoying and embarrassing moment. How are you going to ask me for ID at the age of 55?! SERIOUSLY?? And what happens when your husband drove so you did not bring your drivers license? NOBODY else does this. Most people use... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Raeford, North Carolina
  • Employee Actions
  • 20

The store employee opened the doors at 7:59 am and I waited with my son in the car for a few minutes. I walked up to the door at 8:04 and she screamed at us saying, "You can't come in! You have to wait 2 minutes until we are ready to open!" I said, "Wow, you do not have get snippy!" She smacked her teeth and said, "Well, my bad! I didn't mean to come off like!" This is why she is still yelling at... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Findlay, Ohio
  • Unprofessional Employee
  • 26

I just came in the store to purchase some bread and some food for my dog. No one was at the check out. Everyone was busy stocking, which is ok, I realize that must be done. But, when the clerk did come to wait on me, she didn't greet me, apologize,or even make eye contact. She just picked up the bread and starting ringing up items. Then when I scanned debit card she looked up and ask me if I had... Read more

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The dollar general in Grundy center, Iowa is ridiculous. Can't hardly walk through the store because there are carts and totes sitting everywhere!! Makes me not want to go there! Add comment


  • Sep 15
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Rude Manager
  • 25

I was in the dollar general on stagecoach Rd in Polkville NC, when I went to check out there was a line with about 5 people. The cashier called up the manager to help her, when the manager on duty came up she looked at the cashier and said what, really mean. She said I need help getting the line down, and then the manager said whatever. The manager was very rude, get name was malory. I was very... Read more

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