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I live in George West ,Texas.The store here has some issue with inventory, shelfes need to be stocked and boxes are all in the isles..People including myself not able to get to certain items due to merchandise not being on selfs. I have to travel 15 miles to Three Rivers ,Texas because employees lacking keeping the store stocked..People posted on facebook about this situation, and someone put a phone number of a gentleman name Chris..I spoke to... Read more

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I recwntly visited this store today and while standing in line got very offended. A hispanice older lady had a small black yorkie in her hand and i mentioned it to the store. the cashier was like aww i did'nt see it. I felt disgusted evwn though i have a pet dog of my own but the moras have left out the window. No way an anima should be allowed in a store especially around food unless they are a service dog! i think this should be brought to the... Read more

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I live in a small town in SW Georgia. The Dollar General is basically one of only two grocery/convenience stores within a 15 mile area. I had made up my mind about a year ago never to go into another Dollar General, but thought recently that I might give them another chance. Wrong! It's business as usual at the ole DG! 1) You cannot push a shopping cart down an aisle. They are all full of inventory items or just stuff from the shelves... Read more

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I was just in the store,here in Prescott Valley, the check out was so rude, I handed her what I thought was $18. she stood there staring at me. My niece who was with me said, " she is not having a good day you better pay the rest" and laughed.. I ask what did I give you and she said "$17 I asked her how much I owed and very nasty she answered .27 and threw daggers at me, she then said no, I am having a great day! all of the girls in that... Read more

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Garrett Rd Upper Darby PA at Dollar General tonight Its 8:52pm they arent letting anyone in because the "line" is too long says the guy blocking the door. Went to buy 1 item. Read more

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Christy is a cashier at dollar General in Ashland Miss. My family & ,friends will NEVER return to this store for her comments about white people & terrible treatment. I NEVER knew a black person could be so RACIST. The manager said she has several complaints about her. SHAME ON YOU FOR HIRING AND KEEPING THIS ***.

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Now I know why I don't get a receipt when I purchase a product. The clerk is collecting receipts and giving or selling them to friends and relatives to use on Saturday for the $5 discount. I asked for my receipt and the cashier was disgusted with my request so she reluctantly gave it to me. I could not figure this out for a long time but then it dawned on me that the cashier is either making an income selling the receipts or giving them to... Read more

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Seriously the management for the southern indiana evansville area is a joke. Fist ave store is disgusting my wife went in the store and had to leave immediately cause the male manager that works there made sexual comments to her. This is the same manager that was found sleeping in the office at another store. But yet they promote him back to a manager wow says alot for this company.

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Was in a store here in Evansville Indiana today and witnessed a man yelling and cussing someone out on the phone and i had my son with me and was very upset at the foul language being used. I said something to an employee about maybe asking him to finish his spiteful conversation elsewhere and was told by the employee that he was the district manager. REALLY dollar general how could you hire someone that talks to and treats people like they are... Read more

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