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I am handicapped I ran into dollar general to pick up a few things. I can't stand long so I always get a buggy to lean on . Well tonight I got on line and a woman in front of me was putting stuff back which held up the line. When she finally left the man in front of me had some brake fluid that was on recall and they were told to pull it from the shelf do the man went back and got another can of the same thing held up the line longer and he... Read more

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Why does a 50 year old person have to show an id to purchase cigarettes. That is *** Read more

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I have been verbally attacked by several customers because of D.G.'s I.D. policy as though I was the one responsible for writing it. At what point is it acceptable for a customer to be allowed to attack an employee for a company's policy. I came home shaking because of the verbal abuse i suffered at the hands of a belligerent customer yesterday. The employee behind the counter is merely doing what they were told to do as a condition of their... Read more

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I have experienced the same type of treatment. I was only with the company for two and a half months before i was let go today. I was hired as a cashier within 2 weeks being there i got offered the position as a lead key holder. I was never trained on what to do or how to do it. My mangaer would tell me to call or text her if i needed help. So on the days that i would need help i would call and text several times and wouldn't get a response. I... Read more

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I worked for this company and i quit because of a manager being rude and disrespectful to me. The district manager was informed and did nothing. This is how u dont run a bussiness. Poor management i will inform freinds and family not to shop at the dollsr general toledo ohio on new towne aquare dr. The manager is ruth hummel Add comment

Dollar general at new towne square dr toledo ohio is not the store to shop. Manager is never there and store very messy and cant find anything. Manager very disrepectful and has a bad attitude. Manager always on her phone. Add comment

I went into dollar general store 2106 s. Laurent St. Victoria tx 77901 phone #3614850069. I went to makeup section to look for bronzer was looking at one and put it rite back then told employee they needed larger selection. Then went to get big red 2lt which they didn't have so was walking up towards register with my husband and I think floor manager kesie Baladez came up to me accusing me of stealing which I didn't. Therefor I followed her to... Read more

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The employees are lazy, don't care about cleanliness, stand around, whining about they're customers, working conditions, and they're co workers. Any time, you tell them about a complaint, you have, they just say [Call Corporate]. If you ask them, why someone don't clean they're filthy shopping baskets, they just say, that isn't they're job. I wouldn't buy anymore Clover Valley products, as, some of those products, such as Clover Valley soups,... Read more

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I feel like this company is a VERY horrible place to work. They don't give their employees the help and understanding that they deserve. I have never walked in to the store and saw an employee enjoy their job. It is important for a corporation to tell their employees that they are doing a good job, to want to give them the support that they need to have a healthy environment to work in, and its important for the district manager and regional... Read more

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Actually not a complaint, I left my iPod in one of their stores. When I ran in to start looking for it the employees asked if I was looking for an iPod and gave it back to me Add comment

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