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My wife bought 2 packs of smokes. 1 newport and 1 marb menthol. Cashier gave her 100s but she was not shown them till after she paid. She told her that the menthols were wrong. She told my wife nothing she could do. Than mybwife came and got me. Manager than tells well she left and should have dealt with it prior.. Republic pa Add comment

Today i was at the store in pine lakes fla on st. Rd .east44, when i had went to cash out . i had picked up potatoe chips that i thought was on sale i asked the clerk she said yes , but at the end of my sale the price did not come off she then called this guy chris to the checkout where he tolded me that was not the right chips so i said then you need to go check the shelf where i picked them up... Read more

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Nothing in this store costs a dollar, you'd be better off going to safeway or giant food, they are about the same as 7/11, but 7/11 doesnt advertize being a dollar store, and you can get gas, coffee n a big *** at 7/11, dollar general is in no way a bargin, they should change their name to overpriced foods n not much of it Add comment

I have talked to area manager,her name is Pam about drug test for employee name gena in Maud,okla a couple of times gena is using meth or coke in her vehicle on store property with a tall Indian male.there has been nothing done about it yet I still see her using drugs there is complaints about her having sex with male in public restroom in this store. I know husband and this not you let... Read more

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I have never seen or heard a manger be so disreputable to her coworkers. She is always talking down to them. Just because she is the only Black person (manger) she thinks she is superior. They are just her workers. She is the master of a white plantation.I'm ready to stop shopping there and I've always liked to shop there because there are so many very nice people that do work there. THEY REALY... Read more

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Every time I go to out Dollar General nothing is on the shelves. No cat food, health and beauty is 3/4 bare. It's been a month and every time I go in for cat food, litter and alka seltzers NOTHING. The items I buy or want to bye I haft to for 9miles to get when your store is on 4 mins away from my house. Your manager to me is worthless and needs to be replaced. I'm to the point I don't even... Read more

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purchased a couple items from DG and a propane tank exchange. Went outside with mgr and waited in rain for about 20 min while she tried to open propane gates and couldn't do so. Had me go back in for refund. I purchased on a debit card so asked for cash back so I could go get propane somewhere else. Mgr said it had to go back on card but could take 14 days to credit. I refused. I needed the money... Read more

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Every time I make a purchase at my local dollar store, I can guarantee that some of the items will ring up at a different price than what was posted on the shelf. And, every time i get to the register and tell them the items are ringing up incorrectly, there is a line behind me, because there is not enough help and the manager is no where to be found to come make the correction at the register. ... Read more

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Your Jasper Alabama Store in which Traci Key works has a drug using employee. Traci has been seen carrying drugs onto store property n using them while she works. Drugs have been seen while her purse was on tablecwide open in breakroom. Add comment


I shop at the one in barboursville WV off central avenue. I was just in there and a very important item was lost while I was there. Part of my wedding ring set. This is something that I've had for years and was given to me by my husband. It was lost in the dollar general store @ the register. I went back neither the cashier or the Store manager acted like they gave a ***, they did not take my... Read more

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